Sustainability Milestones

As a family-owned Maison keenly aware of the social and environmental challenges facing the luxury watch and jewelry industry, Chopard has always striven to work in a way that is respectful of human beings, and the environment. These milestones include some of the actions that have been undertaken to date.


Chopard seeks to increase its vertical integration through its own foundry workshop, the only way to know the exact provenance of the gold used to produce our luxury watches and jewelry.


The Scheufele family wishes to perpetuate the watch and jewelry-making professions and create the first apprenticeship school in Meyrin. It is followed by one in Pforzheim and finally another in Fleurier.


On the eve of its 150th anniversary, the Maison concludes a three-year partnership with the WWF “Tigers Alive Initiative”, a conservation project aimed at protecting tigers from extinction.


Chopard is proud to obtain its first certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a non-governmental organization promoting responsible business practices from the mine to the shop window.


The journey to sustainable luxury

Chopard unveils "The Journey to Sustainable Luxury", a multi-year programme focussing on improving the environment and the lives of those at the very beginning of the supply chain.

Supporting artisanal mines

Chopard’s first step in The Journey to Sustainable Luxury is a commitment to support artisanal mines through its partnership with ARM and the unveiling of the first Green High Jewelry Collection, a delicate luxury cuff bracelet and matching earrings set in Fairmined gold and using diamonds from RJC certified suppliers.

Fleurier ebauches

Chopard opens Fleurier Ebauches, the largest building renovated in accordance with Minergie eco-friendly construction standards in the canton of Neuchâtel.



Chopard launches a world first: an Haute Horlogerie luxury watch made of Fairmined gold, the L.U.C Tourbillon QF Fairmined.


Chopard crafts the Palme d’Or in Fairmined gold, representing another world first, this time for the film industry.


Green Carpet Collection

The Maison reaffirms its commitment to sustainability with the design of a one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry piece for the Green Carpet Collection introducing a new material: the first traceable and sustainably sourced opals from the Australian family-owned Aurora mine, in remote Australia.

Fairmined gold from Bolivia

The two co-operative mines – one in Bolivia and the other in Colombia - achieve Fairmined certification following Chopard’s support over the two preceding years. Chopard pledges to buy 100% of the Fairmined gold the mines produce. Chopard remains at the forefront of the jewelry industry with the announcement of a partnership with Swiss refiner, Precinox, to establish the world’s first secure commercial export route for Fairmined gold from Bolivia to Europe.


Chopard announces its new partnership with Gemfields, unveiling a limited-edition Green Carpet Haute Joaillerie collection that incorporates responsibly sourced emeralds for the first time.



Chopard unveils The Garden of Kalahari, a unique limited-edition diamond jewelry collection within the Green Carpet collection, crafted from Fairmined gold and an incredible D Flawless diamond - The Queen of Kalahari from the responsible Karowe mine in Botswana.


Chopard joins the Swiss Better Gold Association in order to increase its contribution to artisanal gold miners’ improvement initiatives and thereby to assist with further growth in volumes of responsibly extracted gold.


Chopard launches new pieces from the Ice Cube collection, luxury jewelry diffusion line crafted in Fairmined gold.



Chopard announces that by July 2018, it will use 100% responsibly sourced gold in all luxury jewelry and watches.

Green Carpet collection

Chopard presents the first responsibly sourced Paraiba tourmaline in its Green Carpet diamond jewelry collection. The stone has been traced at every stage of the sourcing process, from the Mavuco mine in Mozambique to Chopard's workshops, with supporting documents.



Chopard partners with the Swiss Better Gold Association on a ground-breaking project to source gold from a Colombian artisanal gold panners community (the ‘Barequeros’), one of the most environmentally conscious gold mining operations in the world.


Chopard launches a new chapter in its sustainability journey during the Cannes Film Festival with the introduction of its Green Carpet collection bag, made from responsibly sourced and fully traceable leather.


Alpine Eagle collection

The Alpine Eagle becomes Chopard’s first luxury watch collection to be made in Lucent Steel™, comprising 70% recycled steel.


The Chopard Group publicly commits itself to Science-Based Targets, the leading international initiative for companies wishing to act in favour of the climate and reduce their carbon impact.


Chopard announces that its luxury steel watches – including bracelets and cases – will be made from Lucent Steel™, with a recycling rate of 80% by end 2023, and minimum 90% by 2025.

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