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The artisan of emotions, since 1860

The festive season

Our adorable mascots are back! Discover their heart-warming new adventures. They'll help you find the perfect gifts for the holidays by revealing our selection of watches, jewelry and accessories.

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Text, Chopard Presents

A hand appears. A line labeled creativity points to the top segment of the index finger. A line labeled expertise points to the bottom knuckle of the little finger. A line labeled emotion points to the top knuckle of the thumb. A person opens her hand, and traces a stencil. Text, Multiple vocations. A person grinds watch parts. Text, One shared passion. Small metal balls are poured into a copper bowl. A man works with a copper brick, melting it. A painting of a flower. Text, Fuelled by emotion. A person places a gear in a watch. Another paints flowers. Text, Making dreams come true. People work with different materials. Text, A daily celebration of craftsmanship.

Meet our artisans.

Chopard, The artisan of emotions, since 1860.

Chopard X Julia Roberts
A shared love

Join Chopard and Julia Roberts as they celebrate their shared love of cinema in a captivating campaign. In the latest episode, Julia Roberts sparkles behind the scenes with L'Heure du Diamant.

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