Text, Chopard Presents

A hand appears. A line labeled creativity points to the top segment of the index finger. A line labeled expertise points to the bottom knuckle of the little finger. A line labeled emotion points to the top knuckle of the thumb. A person opens her hand, and traces a stencil. Text, Multiple vocations. A person grinds watch parts. Text, One shared passion. Small metal balls are poured into a copper bowl. A man works with a copper brick, melting it. A painting of a flower. Text, Fuelled by emotion. A person places a gear in a watch. Another paints flowers. Text, Making dreams come true. People work with different materials. Text, A daily celebration of craftsmanship.

Meet our artisans.

Chopard, The artisan of emotions, since 1860.

From expertise to emotions
Our mains d'art

Through a series of original short movies, Chopard has for the very first time decided to offer a behind-the-scenes look at its Swiss Watch and luxury Jewelry Workshops in order to train the spotlight firmly on its Artisans.

Displaying a pleasing blend of humility and pride in a job well done, these men and women of character reveal the secret of their expertise, demonstrating the exceptional dimension of their artistic approach as well as their innate brilliance.

Representing the beating heart of the Maison’s workshops, these Mains d’Art (artistic hands) create the Emotions that have earned Chopard its reputation for craftsmanship, innovation and respect for tradition.

Artisan of emotions
Meet our artisans