Chopard Loves Cinema

Julia Roberts and Happy Spirit

Watch as Julia Roberts plays with a Happy Spirit necklace in this episode of the Chopard Loves Cinema campaign. She picks up the pendant composed of concentric circles, holds it to her eye like a loupe and laughs merrily, spreading joy among the film crew and bringing this diamond jewelry's happy vibes to life.

Selected by Julia Roberts

[upbeat blues music]

(On-screen text: CHOPARD LOVES CINEMA)


(On-screen text: DIRECTED BY JAMES GRAY)

(In front of a dressing table, Julia's stylist puts a large Chopard Happy Spirit pendant around her neck. It features circles with mobile diamonds between two panes of glass. She holds it up to her eye like a monocle. Crew members take photos of her.)


An ode to joy

With a nod to Calder's avant-gardist mobiles, Happy Spirit is an ode to the movement and Joie de Vivre expressed by diamonds dancing within concentric circles. Inspired by the ripples created by a pebble skipping across water, this women's diamond jewelry is reminiscent of a beloved children's game.

Femininity and Spirituality

As a timeless symbol of spirituality, balance, and infinity, the circle is deeply intertwined with femininity. At the heart of the Happy Spirit collection lie concentric circles, elegantly adorning diamond rings, bracelets, and necklaces, exquisitely crafted from Ethical 18-carat gold.

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