1 February 2022
Rubies join the Precious Lace High Jewelry Collection

A majestic entrance

Ethics meet esthetics in the Precious Lace diamond jewelry Collection as Chopard disseminates the beauty, classicism and craftsmanship of High Jewelry, translating its refinement into appealingly wearable, charismatically feminine jewels. Gossamer light, echoing the floral patterns, scrolls, swirls and scalloped edges of fine antique lace, the diamond jewelry collection thus unfurls its charms through a variety of creations within which luxury rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are hand-crafted in ethical rose or white gold and paired with diamonds and precious stones sourced from Responsible Jewellery Council-certified suppliers.

Long imbued with connotations relating to the most intense emotions such as love and passion due to their deep red color, today rubies are regarded as one of the most romantic gifts, equated with vows of eternal love. The radiance of these legendary gems now joins the Precious Lace High Jewelry collection, coming together with diamonds and ethical rose gold in fluid, intricate openwork. The result is a fascinating dialogue between strength and fragility, between the eternal brilliance of precious stones and the ethereal weightlessness of a lace-like jewel floating over the skin, hovering between Haute Couture and High Jewelry.

Through the range of light-as-air jewelry featured in the Precious Lace High Jewelry collection, Chopard thus invents a new art of living in which, responding to the aspirations of today's women, the preciousness of diamonds becomes wearable for every day and every occasion. Leveraging expertise similar to that of the nimble-fingered seamstresses referred to as petites mains in the field of Haute Couture, our jewelry Artisans replicate the delicacy of lace with the extreme precision of their goldwork, combined with an airy design highlighting the radiance of precious stones. Shared expertise, shared values: eminently noble materials, a flair for detail, a commitment to wearer comfort, and above all, an authentic love for women. Here, elegance pairs with a relaxed, carefree attitude in gemset jewelry treasures poised between Fine and High Jewelry featuring a central design motif: a rhythmic, undulating gold and diamond-set curl enclosing an unfurling line of pear-shaped diamonds – presented in miniaturized form through several designs: “Vague” whose proportions evoke foaming sea billows and interpreted as a pair of earrings, a pendant and a ring; while the stylized “Mini-Froufrou” flower pattern with its scalloped borders and pear-shaped diamond petals on an airy openwork background, adorns a ring, earrings, pendant and bangle.

Precious lace diamond jewelry collection : a new art of living