Discover the partnership between Chopard and the 1000 MIglia race: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Jacky Ickx talk about Chopard Mille Miglia luxury watches.

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(On-screen text: 1000 Miglia is the vintage car race par excellence, represented by a brand capable of fueling the passions of an increasing number of people, of enhancing the value of territories and arousing emotions, the inclination towards travel, elegance, an attitude that goes beyond the ordinary. A brand experience to be lived all year round, in the sign of the red arrow.) 

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(Close-up of a timepiece in the almost-dark, its phosphorescent numbers glowing green.) 

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(Vintage black-and-white video of a driver preparing their car for the race, footage of crowds in the streets waiting for the race to begin, the "1000 Miglia" arrow above them.) 

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(Close-up of a timepiece dial with the race footage reflected in the glass. Close-up of the crown and push buttons, the red second hand moving around the dial.) 

(Vintage black-and-white footage of races.) 

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(A car speeds around a bend, crowds of enthusiasts cheer.) 

(Close-up of the back of the case of the timepiece, with the words "1000 Miglia" engraved around the edge. The inner workings appear through the glass.) 

(On-screen text: MILLE MIGLIA) 

(Close-up of a watch on a black background between the two words, changing from one colour to another: first the black dial, then the light green dial, then the dark red and the blue and gold.) 

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Mille Miglia collection
Marvels of engineering

A new design further pushing competitive limits for a celebrated racing chronograph watch in Chopard's exclusive Lucent Steel™.

A 35-year partnership

Chopard has been inextricably linked with the automobile world since it became world sponsor and official timekeeper of Italy’s celebrated 1000 Miglia in 1988.
This long partnership has seen the creation of 35 watches in the Mille Miglia collection, all capturing the essence and spirit of what Enzo Ferrari called ‘the most beautiful race in the world’.
Perpetually yet always subtly different, every new interpretation of the Mille Miglia Collection reflects the codes of masculine elegance, featuring refinement applied to all areas and highlighting a love of fine mechanics
All are characterised by three technical pillars – legibility, precision and grip – representing tokens of optimal racing performance.

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph
Power-packed aesthetics

Featuring a 40.5 mm case, bezels, crowns and pushers made from Chopard’s exclusive ultra-tough Lucent Steel™, an ultra-legible dial in a selection of colours inspired by automotive bodywork and a superb ‘glass box’ crystal for a magnificently retro look, the new Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph luxury watch looks just as good with evening wear as it does with a race suit. While the bezels, crowns and pushers of the three Lucent Steel™ models are in this same material, those of the bi-material model are made from ethical 18-carat rose gold.

Inspired by the automotive world

Ultra legible dials with prominent white minutes tracks and tachymeter scales. Black rubber strap with moisture-wicking lining and tread pattern or rich brown calfskin leather. Redesigned pin buckles in Lucent Steel™.
Slip-resistant knurled pushers creating a motif recalling brake pedals, while the crown features more notches to enhance the grip. Welded lugs on either end of the case demonstrate Chopard’s fine craftsmanship.

Dials in race car colours
Blue, red, green, black

Preserving strong cues from the automotive world, the 2023 Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph watches are available with dials in four colours inspired by the paintwork and interiors of classic cars: Verde Chiaro (light green), Rosso Amarena (cherry red), Nero Corsa (racing black) and Grigio-Blue (grey blue).

Discover the new watches

Time-honoured codes
Mille Miglia Bestsellers

Each year, in tribute to the most prestigious of the classic open-road races, new models join Chopard’s emblematic Mille Miglia Race Edition chronograph watch collection. New vintages bring new liveries, but the codes that Chopard instils into the identity of this sporting collection remain unchanged: masculine elegance, mechanical precision, watchmaking performance, racing ergonomics – all dedicated to the beauty of driving.

Chopard X Jacky Ickx
A 35-year partnership

Motor racing legend and Chopard Ambassador Jacky Ickx first became acquainted with Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele when the pair drove together in the 1989 1000 Miglia. Fast forward 34 years and more than 15 1000 Miglia races and that original meeting has developed into the firmest of friendships, with the effortlessly elegant Jacky Ickx having very much become part of the Chopard family.

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