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Animal World Collection

Chopard’s extraordinary bestiary

Animal World Collection

Chopard’s extraordinary bestiary

Image of Diamond paved ring in shape of polar bear
Image of Diamond paved ring in shape of polar bear
Image of Diamond paved ring in shape of Polar bear

An anniversary Collection

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Chopard has taken on the new challenge of signing an Haute Joaillerie collection of 150 unique animal-themed pieces. True to its legendary creativity and boldness, the company has mobilized all its talent for this anniversary collection, drawing on its long experience to mix tradition, advanced techniques and documented research, and taking its pursuit of excellence and novelty to new heights. The result is an extraordinary collection of beautiful, mysterious, and dream-like animals.
Image of Diamond and colored stone necklace featuring humming bird and flower

Born of a sleepless night

It was during one sleepless night that the idea of this fantasy collection with a hint of childhood came to the Artistic Director, Ms. Caroline Scheufele. Very fond of animals and sensitive to animal issues in general, she realized that nature and animals would be an excellent theme. Along with animals that are often represented in jewelry, the Swiss Maison did not hesitate to honor other beasts that are more exotic, unusual or even imaginary. The result is a colorful and lively collection, a whimsical and enchanting zoo, which perfectly matches Caroline Scheufele’s vibrant personality. With this wonderful jungle fauna, which sometimes evokes the strange and magical world of Douanier Rousseau, Chopard has achieved its ultimate jewelry crafting aspirations.
Image of diamond paved ring in the shape of a polar bear set in arctic scene
Image of diamond paved watch featuring 2 ducks

Whimsical bestiary

With help from designers in the Haute Joaillerie department, Caroline Scheufele poured over specialized encyclopedias and even consulted the Chinese calendar to come up with a collection of animals that is original, esthetically pleasing and humorous. Species from every latitude – cats, giraffes, and parrots, for example – are represented in the form of bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings.
Image of Necklace of an underwater scene featuring fish with diamonds and colored stones

An art blending tradition with innovation

Creating this anniversary collection called on everyone’s creativity, sensitivity and expertise, qualities developed and honed in Chopard’s workshops year after year, and gave rise to real feats of technical skill and craftsmanship.
photo featuring sketch of necklace next to selection of stones

Significant time and effort was put into researching and selecting the materials and gems that would best simulate the exuberance of colors found in nature and in the animal world dreamed up by Caroline Scheufele. Built around gemstones of exceptional quality, the pieces of the Animal World collection also feature more unexpected stones and materials such as quartz, kunzites, pearls, Paraiba tourmalines and moonstones, for a “natural” effect of startling realism. Each piece had to be made with patience, precision and attention to detail in order to harmoniously combine the stones, metals and colors. The jewelers pushed their skills to the limit by mixing ancestral techniques such as lacquering, pearl weaving, and stone carving with modern developments such as 3-D modeling and titanium casting.
Image of underwater themed necklace on a display bust
Image of Artist painting sketch of Diamond and colored stone necklace