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High Jewelry Manufacturer

High Jewelry Manufacturer

Image of artisan polishing Diamond and Sapphire necklace
Image of Diamond and Emerald necklace on white paper cut out scene of birds and flowers

The Chopard dream workshops beat to the pulse of the seasons

The majestic beauty of nature, exalted by the absolute refinement of jewelry, gives rise to stunning one-of-a-kind creations which pay tribute to the light and colors of the seasons, as well as the boundless emotions they inevitably stir in the human heart.
Inside the Chopard Haute Joaillerie workshops, just as in the natural world beyond it, enchantment is above all a matter of light, from evocations of the snow's fairytale radiance when it shrouds the landscape to the finely gilded glow of an endless summer. The master craftsmen of the Geneva-based company exquisitely reinvent and magnify every beam of luminous magic with each unique Haute Joaillerie creation.
In the Chopard workshops, everything begins with a story of hands, those of the expert, patient and inventive artisans within the Manufacture who successively apply their skills to these exceptional creations. Chopard is keenly aware that the most precious heritage is above all the skills required for crafting these exceptional pieces. Chopard creations are integral to the Maison's proud High Jewelry tradition. The creativity of Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele blends seamlessly with the artistic crafts of lost-wax carvers and casters, jewelers, lapidaries, gem-setters and polishers, to name but a few.
Image of Queen of Kalahari necklace on black background

The Queen of Kalahari
An ultra-rare 342-karat diamond

The story of this stone is a journey. A journey that reveals what makes Chopard so very singular and special, its artistic vivacity and technical virtuosity. It conveys the importance the Geneva-based Maison attaches to mastering all stages governing the creation of a piece of jewelry. At the helm of these endeavors, Co-President Caroline Scheufele has consistently provided the impetus designed to guide Chopard toward pursuing excellence and exploring new territory. It is she that has followed the adventures of this extraordinary diamond step by step in the quest to ensure its lasting destiny.
The discovery of The Queen of Kalahari, this exceptional 342-karat stone of perfect color and absolute purity, has given rise to a set of 23 diamonds – The Garden of Kalahari – of which five weigh over 20 karats. These, drawing upon the virtuosity cultivated in the field of artistic craft that has forged Chopard’s reputation, are now enshrined in six fabulous pieces of High Jewelry.

When High Jewelry becomes lacework

veiled image of a woman's hand wearing a diamond and sapphire ring reaching for a diamond and sapphire necklace veiled image of a woman's hand wearing a diamond and sapphire ring reaching for a diamond and sapphire necklace
Image of woman wearing diamond and sapphire ring while holding a matching watch on satin strap alongside matching hoop style earrings
Evoking Haute Couture’s sophisticated techniques, our Haute Joaillerie collections draw you into an exclusive world. Delicate and precious, finely wrought and ablaze with light, the iconic High Jewelry collections by Chopard are an exquisite embroidery mingling creativity with sensitivity. Introduced in 2016 with jewelry sets inspired by a blooming corolla or the flurry of a whirling tutu skirt, Precious Lace signature now welcomes delicate long ear pendants, openwork necklaces and an exceptional diamond lacework watch.
With Precious Lace, the jewelry artisans of the Geneva-based Maison become lacework experts.

Our High Jewelry Collections

Veiled image of Diamond and sapphire necklace Veiled image of Diamond and sapphire necklace

Chopard Magical Setting Collection

Chopard, the artisan of emotions, ignites the traditional world of Haute Joaillerie with a scintillating new collection—Chopard Magical Setting. The spectacular radiance of these majestic cluster rings, pendants and earrings is made possible by an ingenious and innovative secret setting that allows the diamonds and precious colored stones to shine supreme, playing with light as never before.
Image of 9 diamond and colored stone rings part of the magical setting collection
Image of Model petra nemcova wearing Chopard Diamond earrings while walking the Cannes film festival red carpet

Red Carpet Collection

The romance between Chopard and the Red Carpet began in 1998, when The Maison became the Cannes Film Festival’s Official Partner.
The Red Carpet Collection unveiled each year at the Cannes Film Festival provides Chopard with a reoccurring opportunity to push beyond the limits of its Haute Joaillerie while expressing cherished values. Worn by world-renowned actresses on the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals, “Red Carpet” pieces draw as much from the exceptional creativity of the Swiss-based Maison as on its expertise in the field of High Jewelry.

Green Carpet Collection

Chopard unveiled a major new step in its ‘Journey to Sustainable Luxury’ when, for the first time, it enriched its Green Carpet Collection of High Jewelry with responsibly mined emeralds. Today, iconic jewelry models in this collection are set with these precious green gems. By adding colored stones to its roadmap toward sustainable luxury, the Geneva-based Maison continues to blaze the trail and play a pioneering role in the jewelry industry.
Close-up image of Green carpet collection Diamond paved watch on black satin strap over a green palm leaf
Image of 2 Heure du Diamant watches, one with Diamond bezel and blue satin strap the second with paved diamond bezel and diamond paved strap and

L'Heure du Diamant Collection

A sublime incarnation of what the imagination can conjure up of most perfect and most complete, the L'Heure du Diamant collection tells a tale of a thousand and one amazing emotions. The work of artisan angels that will touch the heart of humans is enshrined in a jewelry watch born of the most precious material and displaying the incomparable elegance that comes with excellence.

For You Collection

Jewelry creations stem from a precious blend of elegance, expertise, and originality. With For You, a fine watch and jewellery collection, the Swiss-based Maison looks to demystify luxury with dainty ready-to-wear pieces.
image of earrings and rings hung on flowering plant from the For you Chopard collection
Close-up image of diamond paved Polar bear ring on wooden block

Animal World Collection

What do a shimmering tiger, rubellites, and a diamond watch have in common? They share the same excellence, expertise, and creativity that imbues each of our Haute Joaillerie collections. With Animal World, Caroline Scheufele forms an incredible menagerie made of precious stones. To celebrate the occasion of its 150th anniversary, Chopard has taken on the new challenge of signing an Haute Joaillerie collection of 150 unique animal-themed pieces.
The result is an extraordinary collection of beautiful, mysterious, and dream-like animals.