26 JULY 2019

A collection of four masculine luxury fragrances showcasing the exceptional. The world’s most precious oud – Oud Assafi – is sustainably sourced and flawlessly blended with a superb array of the finest natural ingredients.
"Echoing Chopard's high-jewelry creations, this unique collection celebrates nature's majestic beauty and the endless emotions it awakens in the hearts of human beings.
Carefully composed from the finest and most precious natural ingredients, each fragrance showcases, for the very first time, an exceptional treasure that is both ethically and sustainably sourced: pure Oud Assafi, the world’s most precious oud.
I believe these exceptional creations will convey unique emotions, making those wearing them feel very special.”
Caroline Scheufele
Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard

After Gardens of the Tropics and Gardens of Paradise, Chopard's new Haute Parfumerie collection for men - Gardens of the Kings - pays tribute to perfume's most precious, noble and mythical natural ingredient - oud.
With Gardens of the Kings and for the first time, an entire Haute Parfumerie collection showcases the world's purest and most outstanding oud - Oud AssafiTM(1) from Jalali Agarwood. More precious than gold, Oud Assafi is ethically and sustainably sourced from the sacred lands of Sylhet – the cradle of Indian oud (Al-Hindi) since time immemorial.
Oud, agarwood, the wood of the gods, aloe-wood, calambac, eaglewood, jinkoh and gahara are just some of the names that have been given to this mythical wood throughout history. A fragrant resin produced by a very rare species of Asian tropical tree, Oud Assafi is the finest quality extract of Aquilaria Malaccensis. It's one of the earth’s most precious and expensive oils, and is produced in very small quantities each year.
By choosing Oud Assafi for Gardens of the Kings, Chopard is showcasing the most exceptional perfume quality and also taking an emblematic step forward in its Journey to Sustainable Luxury Perfumery. A new olfactory and human adventure that supports a unique family know-how, champions an ethical and respectful approach to people and to the environment, and helps the preservation and transmission of the most emblematic and precious olfactory wonder in all of perfumery.
Available worldwide September 2019.