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An ever-glamorous icon! Yang Zi

Yang Zi is a sensual, glamorous icon who features amongst China's most talented young actresses. She started acting as a child and has since played a series of roles in movies and television: a success story that is the stuff of dreams for her generation. And to share the benefits of her extraordinary destiny, Yang Zi willingly acts as an ambassador for numerous charity projects through which she expresses her infinitely infinite Joie de Vivre and good humor!

Her selection An Ode to Joie de Vivre

Red, a symbol of joy, luck and opulence, takes pride of place in the selection of Happy Hearts jewelry that Yang Zi loves to wear. To complement them, she dons another icon, the Happy Sport bi-material watch in ethical rose gold and steel with its dancing diamonds whose entrancing whirl reflects a perpetual sense of  Joie de Vivre!


When joie de vivre flows through mind and body something very special takes place. We all have our signature Happy Move and this is what Yang Zi's looks like.

Yang Zi Happy Style

A touch of grace, inestimable poise – that’s Happy Style. Vibrant, free-spirited and exuding joie de vivre - see how an illustrious style icon owns it. Happiness reaches new levels. Discover how Yang Zi shapes the world – Happy-Style.


A Happy Woman wearing Chopard, Yang Zi shares with us what brings a smile to her face and fills her heart with joy. Discover how she embodies the free spirit of Happy Diamonds.