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Lotus Blanc High Jewelry Watch

Lotus Blanc High Jewelry Watch

Close-up view of Diamond paved lotus blanc watch with the exposed dial
Close-up view of Diamond paved lotus blanc watch with the exposed dial on diamond bracelet

Lotus Blanc watch – 2017 Jewelry Watch Prize winner

“Chopard has achieved worldwide recognition for the quality of its High Jewelry watches. I am proud of the work accomplished over the years by my design and creative teams. I wish to express my gratitude to the artisans of the High Jewelry department. Together, on a daily basis, we create supremely refined models blending tradition and innovation, contemporary and ancestral techniques, stunning material combinations and perfect color associations, with light effects and daring designs. In this relentless quest for excellence, beauty and sophistication are a constant source of inspiration.” The white lotus, a remarkably delicate oriental flower, symbolizes purity of heart and mind. Stemming from an encounter between the watchmaking expertise and jewelry creativity of the Maison, the Lotus Blanc watch unfurls like a corolla to reveal the secret of its exceptional beauty – infinite creativity combined with perfectly mastered execution.
Full view of angled Diamond paved Lotus blanc watch with exposed dial and diamond bracelet

The Inspiration

Chopard’s passionately dedicated Co-President, Caroline Scheufele, draws inspiration from her travels and her encounters to bring life to to the most fabulous creations along with the support of the High Jewelry department designers. It was during a trip to South-East Asia, when strolling in a garden, that she was touched by the exquisite refinement of the white lotus. A sacred flower in eastern religions, this apparently fragile aquatic plant served as a throne for divinities, for its dainty petals conceal an incomparable force enabling the lotus to be reborn daily, as immaculate and pure as on its very first day. Its corolla closes every night, before blooming once again at sunrise. To express this perpetual reawakening, Chopard dreamed up a gorgeous secret watch that can be uncovered at will.

The white lotus magnified by Chopard

Set with 25.66 karats of white diamonds, this precious timepiece reflects the meticulous work of the in-house artisans. From designer to watchmaker and from jeweler to micro-gemsetter, the prestigious High Jewelry craftspeople patiently combined their talents to give life to this daring dream. Its petals sparkle as if dotted with dewdrops and open in one smooth move; while the flowing bracelet composed of fine rows of diamonds evokes the undulating waters on which the flower bobs gently up and down. The effect is truly striking, as the plant gracefully awakens and slips into slumber once more, surrounded by a magnificent halo of light.
Close-up view of the Diamond paved lotus blanc watch and bracelet, dial is hidden by the closed petals