Alpine Eagle
The rebirth of a Swiss watch icon

What once was lives again. The spirit of the St. Moritz watch lives on in the Alpine Eagle. When it was the first introduced in 1980, the St. Moritz stood out for both its material classification and unique design.

St. Moritz

Inspired by the active lifestyles and discerning tastes of a sophisticated Alpine elite, the St. Moritz was the Maison's first sports watch, and remains a highly sought-after model to this day.

What once was lives again

Father and Son: The Alpine Eagle Swiss Watch

Much like the history of the St. Moritz , the creation of the Alpine Eagle is a story of family and the evolution of tradition from one generation to the next.

Nearly 40 years ago, when Karl-Friedrich Scheufele convinced his father to produce a steel watch that would suit the sophisticated but active community of St. Moritz, an icon was born. Years ahead of its class in both form and function, the St. Moritz became the definitive sporty-chic timepiece.

Today, history has repeated itself in the most wonderful manner possible, as a generation later, father and son meet again and the Alpine Eagle is created. The modern re-invention of the St. Moritz is testament to three generations of ingenuity and expertise.

The Alpine Eagle luxury watch collection

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