Frequently asked questions

    • Please read the instruction manual and all the documentation received with your purchase carefully, as it will contain important information regarding the use and care of your Chopard product. Some important tips are:

      • Avoid placing your watch near any object that gives off a magnetic field, such as TVs, speakers, even the magnet of a handbag, as this may have an effect on the precision of your watch.
      • Always rinse your luxury watch with clear water after being exposed to salt water.
      • Do not manipulate the crown of your watch under water.
      • Avoid extreme temperatures and sudden temperature changes.
      • Avoid contact with acidic substances, perfumes or make-up products.

      Additionally, please consult the Tips on caring for your product section section for additional advice.

    • Contact us to receive a Repair Form and instructions on how to send your item to a Chopard service center for repair. Alternatively, you can bring your Chopard product to an official Chopard retailer. All are, without exception, authorised to take care of your item. They will contact Chopard on your behalf and will process the shipment of your piece to a Chopard service center. Find the most convenient for you here: Store locator.

    • Only Chopard service centers can perform repairs on your watch. You can find the contact details of our Service Centers here. Alternatively, you can bring your Chopard product to an official Chopard retailer. All are, without exception, authorised to take care of your item. They will contact Chopard on your behalf and will process the shipment of your piece to a Chopard service center. Find the most convenient for you here: Store locator

    • The Chopard international guarantee covers all manufacturing defects which have occurred within 24 months for new purchases and 12 months for repairs.

    • Not necessarily. If the watch is still working correctly after two weeks, there is no need to send it into a service centre. If the watch is not accurately keeping time, please send it in for evaluation. Contact us or find a Service Center.

    • When the temperature changes abruptly, slight condensation may form under the watch crystal. Generally, it disappears on its own without affecting the mechanism of the watch. However, if the misting persists, it is important to consult an official Chopard retailer or an official Chopard service centre. Find a Service Center.

    • Chopard luxury jewellery pieces with mobile elements (e.g. diamonds, gold letter, etc.) between one or two sapphire crystals are not guaranteed to be water-resistant. It is advisable to avoid any contact with alcohol-based products (perfumes, creams, etc.) as well as immersion into fresh or sea water.

    • If your item is still part of the current collection, we will be able to provide a replacement value based on the current retail price. If it's not part of the current collection, our workshops will be able to determine an approximate replacement value. Bring your item to your local Chopard retailer (Store Locator) or Contact Us for further assistance. The item will need to be sent to one of our service centres for assessment.

    • The certificate of origin and guarantee is issued only once, when the item is purchased. Nevertheless, you could obtain a Certificate of Authenticity upon request by bringing or sending your watch or luxury jewellery piece, to one of our official Chopard Service Centers. Your piece will then be sent to our Headquarters in Geneva for identification and certificate of authenticity issuance (contents: Full description of the item and Last known suggested retail price). This service is subject to a flat fee of CHF 250.

    • "Happy Diamonds" are dancing diamonds designed to move freely and in a unique way in each Chopard product. Dancing diamonds are subject to the laws of gravity and to normal wear and tear. For this reason, the movement of the mobile diamonds may alter during the life of your Chopard product. "Happy Diamonds" m that fall, cease to spin continuously or move differently in any way from the time of purchase are not considered to be a manufacturing defect.

    • A luxury watch with a mechanical hand-wound movement must always be wound manually by its wearer. Winding is done by turning the crown clockwise, and is complete when the crown locks. Do not attempt to wind a watch past this locking point, since this might damage the movement. We recommend that you manually wind the watch at the same time each day.

      A luxury watch with an automatic self-winding movement has a mechanism that winds the mainspring through the motion of your wrist. The motion of your wrist makes a rotor turn, which winds the mainspring. When the mainspring is fully wound, it has a minimum power reserve of 40 hours and a maximum of 9 days depending on the model. A watch with an automatic self-winding movement is equipped with a slipping spring which is a mechanism placed in the barrel to avoid over-winding of the mainspring. If the watch has stopped, wind it manually before wearing it by making around 50 clockwise turns of the crown.

      Be aware that some models have a screw-down crown. Before making adjustments, unscrew the crown counterclockwise wise.

      A quartz watch is powered by a battery. It offers the advantage of no particular action if the watch is not worn daily. If the watch has stopped, the battery needs to be replaced. If you do not wear your watch every day, we recommend that you pull out the crown to stop the watch in order to prolong the life of your battery.

    • A quartz movement will always be more precise, as it utilises an electric micro-processor to keep time. A luxury mechanical watch offers a degree of precision implying a variation of around 1 minute per week, 5 minutes per month, 1 hour per year. A quartz movement varies by 1 second per week, 5 seconds per month, 1 minute per year. The comparison of these figures shows that an electronic movement offers a degree of precision 60 times superior to that of a mechanical movement. Electronics enable almost absolute precision.

    • The precision of a luxury mechanical watch depends on a number of parameters: the quality of the components used to assemble the movement; the accuracy of the alignment of the balance wheel and the knowledge and qualifications of the watch technicians assembling the watch.

    • A chronograph is a watch with hands that display hours, minutes and seconds, together with a mechanism for measuring elapsed time by means of a central chronograph hand, which records seconds and sometimes counters for the minutes and hours (not mandatory). A chronometer is a watch whose movement has obtained an official rate certificate from the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) after having passed precision tests in different positions and at different temperatures. These tests are conducted over a 15-day period.

    • Adjustment is the set of operations performed by the watchmaker on the regulating organ (balance & hairspring) that ensures the smooth running and accuracy of the watch.

    • Isochronism is the property with which a regulating organ is endowed in order to perform its oscillations in the same time whatever its amplitude.

    • The Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) certifies the precision of the movements. During 15 days of tests, the precision of mechanical movements is measured in five positions and at three different temperatures. Whatever these conditions, the movements must maintain a precision ranging between -4 and +6 seconds per day for calibres measuring more than 20 mm in diameter, and between -5 and +8 seconds for smaller calibres. Movements meeting the precision criteria are granted a chronometer certificate – a privilege reserved for only 3% of total watch production in Switzerland.

    • The Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark, created in 1886 in order to protect Genevan watchmaking, involves three fundamental conditions of admission and different qualifying criteria. A Swiss-Made watch is thus only eligible if its movement is assembled and adjusted in Canton Geneva, if it is numbered and if it meets the craftsmanship criteria established by the Technical Committee. These criteria involve the finishing of the parts (chamfered and hand-drawn bridges, polished sinks, chamfered going train) and their characteristics (type of balance wheel-spring pinning, type of index, thickness of the escape wheel), as well as the non-use of certain parts such as wire springs. Techniques and materials evolve and, for its 125th anniversary, the Poinçon de Genève decided to keep up with this evolution by adapting its demands. Formally amended in November 2011, the new hallmark regulations came into force in June 2012. From this date onwards, its certification will encompass the watch as a whole. The Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark is an all-in-one guarantee of origin, craftsmanship and durability.

    • The Fleurier Quality Foundation is another independent body to which Chopard Manufacture resorts to in order to test the quality of its luxury watches. In addition to submitting the movements to the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) in order to guarantee precision, the watches are tested as a whole in order to appraise their overall quality. The Chronofiable test verifies the durability of its movement by subjecting it to an ageing cycle, a cycle measuring pull-push forces on the winding stem, as well as tests of resistance to magnetic fields; and, finally, a shock-resistance test using a dedicated striker. The luxury watch must also comply with the numerous specific technical and aesthetic criteria contained in the technical regulations of the Fleurier Quality Foundation (involving the choice of materials, of decorative techniques, and of finishes). Finally, the rate of the finished watch must be tested on the Fleuritest machine, which replicates the conditions implied by 24 hours of wear in.

    • Make sure to buy a Chopard item only from authorised Chopard retailers to ensure that you receive an official Chopard certificate of origin and warranty, duly completed and dated, including the item reference number and the retailer’s contact information. Purchasing Chopard merchandise exclusively from authorised retailers is the only way to ensure that you are not purchasing stolen or counterfeit merchandise. Additionally, you will certainly enjoy the quality of service on par with your purchase. Visit our Store Locator to find out if a particular retailer is an official Chopard distributor.

      WARNING: Chopard sells its products online exclusively through this website ( To avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit, we advise against making purchases through unauthorised websites.

    • The only way to avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit or stolen item is to buy your Chopard item from an official retailer. Only an analysis of the watch or jewellery piece in our workshops will be able to prove its authenticity. This service has a fee associated with it.