November 29, 2019

Once upon a time there was the whisper of a starlit night.
Blowing through the breeze was a festive scent and the magic of Christmas was well and truly in the air.
The rustling forest exuded fragrant spices, hinting at the dazzling promise of joyful celebrations.
A sparkling dusting of snow lent a muted touch to the landscape, wrapping the peaks in its pristine alabaster cloak.
Footprints outlined the golden thread of an odyssey, as Arty the bear cub made his way through the trees.
While he did not know where his steps were leading him, he was neither alone nor lost: he was simply following his guiding star.
All around him, the woodland birds and animals chorused their unique melodies, like a talisman, as the forest hummed a silky-soft song embroidered with gold and marvels accompanying Arty in his quest.

Once upon a time there was Arty the bear cub who, at each turn in his path and at the edge of each clearing, raised his snout: this way and that…!
The glittering stars had crowned the snow-covered summits with their most beautiful jewels, while the heavenly light of Chopard's creations lent a unique glow to the sparkling caress of a Christmas night.
A dance, a thrilling chase, an approaching kingdom: once upon a time there was Chopard.
There amid the majestic enchantment of the frozen landscapes, clinging to the playful clouds, within the sacred tremor of the forests: the imagination's palaces fling their gates wide open for souls that dare to dream.
For those capable of holding on to childhood's sense of wonderment and of giving themselves up to the tender embrace of a joyful swirl.

There was a night when Arty the bear cub felt free to follow the path marked out by the game… and the stars, those celestial bodies dwelling in time and nature's depths, majestic and shining bright in the eyes of those we cherish.
Allowing oneself to be guided once more by the light of gifts offered, like talismans, by our loved ones: self-created constellations.
A jewel or a watch, as testimony to vibrant and enduring ties.
A bond that is strengthened with each step of our singular odyssey or in the moving simplicity of an outstretched hand.
Once upon a time, there was Christmas, that moment of grace when one remembers – as a shooting star flashes by – the world's radiant pulse and the heavens that share their glory like an eternal gift.