Chopard X aespa

Pop fantasy and futuristic aesthetic

Ambassadors for our collections, K-pop group aespa's star power and style are the ideal vector for expressing our shared values. Just like Chopard itself, innovation is embedded in the very DNA of the group, whose name is derived from a combination of ‘Avatar X Experience’ & ‘aspect’.

Alpine Eagle x aespa

Sporty-Chic Alchemy

With their chic minimalism, all girl rising K-pop stars aespa bring stunning style and glamour to life with Chopard’s Alpine Eagle watches in exclusive Lucent Steel™ and 100% Ethical gold. Testimony to Chopard’s deep commitment to fine watchmaking, Alpine Eagle watches are entirely produced and assembled in-house.

Ice Cube x aespa

Jewellery with an edge

Synonymous with the pared-back aesthetic of contemporary jewellery, Chopard’s Ice Cube collection takes the form of androgynous graphics and sleek, cubic shapes. Overturning traditional jewellery-making conventions, it echoes the bold spirit of aespa's own inimitable style.

Happy Style

Happy Diamonds X aespa

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning, the fab four of K-pop sensation aespa infuse their bold style into Chopard’s dazzling luxury Happy Diamonds watches and jewellery.

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A new rhythm

Happy Sport x aespa

The members of aespa show how Chopard’s iconic Happy Sport luxury women's watches mix with their eclectic style. They embody a new concept of empowered femininity, unafraid to take centre stage as their movements breathe life into the diamonds dancing on the dial.

Heartfelt Elegance

Happy Hearts x aespa

Worn solo or stacked, the Happy Hearts collection is meant to be worn as a second skin, taken to the dance floor, or for a spin across the globe in tune with the rhythm of aespa's joyful music and style. Happy Hearts pay tribute to the multi-faceted essence of modern femininity.

A sparkling encounter

Precious Lace and L'Heure du Diamant x aespa

The four members of K-pop sensation aespa, Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning, shine in dazzling Precious Lace jewellery and L'Heure du Diamant diamond watches, highlighting the collections' modernity, timeless elegance, and verve in a luminous encounter between craftsmanship and music.

Glamour and Timeless Elegance

Time is precious, a concept vividly embodied by L'Heure du Diamant with a collection of elegant timepieces featuring our extensive and diverse skills in watchmaking and jewellery. Brimming with diamonds, the oval-shaped watches fit snugly around the wrist like a second skin, radiating the glitz and glamour of the 1960s.

Bedazzling jewellery lace

The art of lacemaking reached its peak in 16th-century Venice and spread throughout the world, enthralling everyone with its delicate, intricate patterns. Our Precious Lace Collection pays homage to this art by reinterpreting it in noble materials that perfectly mimic lace’s charming lightness and grace.

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