Inspirational power
aespa X Precious Lace

Dainty, precious and ablaze with light, the Precious Lace diamond jewellery collection reflects the purest Haute Joaillerie traditions and the vivid testimony to Chopard’s stance in the world of luxury jewellery – much like aespa in the world of K-pop.
aespa perfectly bring together the magic of Chopard’s signature Haute Joaillerie collection with their own inimitable brand, drawing parallels between the excitement of evening grandeurs and the diamonds accompanying them.

Precious Lace Haute Joaillerie Collection
Classic yet sophisticated

Weaving ties between the worlds of Haute Couture and Haute Joaillerie, the Precious Lace collection features exquisite interlacing in which the brilliance and energy of gemstones combine for an elegant finish. Classic yet sophisticated, the daintiness of openwork is echoed in the feather-light gem setting and architectural lines perfectly embodying the Maison’s jewellery expertise and creative genius.

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